About Us

Formed in 2018 as David Grutman’s collective of many successful ventures, Groot Hospitality’s portfolio includes LIV (2009), Story (2012), Komodo (2015), OTL (2017), Planta (2018) & most recently Swan and Bar Bevy (2019) in partnership with Pharrell Williams. Groot Hospitality encompasses the best of Grutman’s top dining, service and hospitality brands where he combines his high-energy, high-impact “fun” to ensure guests have the best possible experience. Grutman’s influence on the hospitality and music world is global and his larger than life personality and natural ability to create brands designed to be in the spotlight has catapulted him into continued success. Groot Hospitality has no plans of slowing down, with the introduction of a number of new concepts on the horizon, again taking the company into new market segments and cities.



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